REBITH FILES: Catch-As-Catch Can Edition

Aaaand, we’re back! Sorry it took so long to come up with a new post earlier. It was just a small bout of writer’s block that I’m hopefully over now. Anyway, I’m still going through DC’s new Rebirth initiative and I like what I’m seeing. So, instead of extensive reviews for each of the books I’ve managed to pick up, I’m gonna give a quick hits to what’s going on. Without further adieu, here’s the Rebirth Files: Catch-As-Catch Can Edition.



I’m lumping these two together because I get the feeling that, even though both books have two different creative teams on them, that they’re gonna have a lot of cross–pollination between them. Superman is basically a recap for the events of Nu52 Supes’ death and implying that he may not return, while Action Comics lives up to its name by giving us several big reveals (Luthor running around playing superhero only being the first one) and setting up for what I’m pretty sure will be an event. While I’m not sure that’s the proper way to go, I can’t say I’m not interested.

STATUS: Enjoyable



Bruce Wayne, the crazed loner in a bat costume we all know and love, has yet again decided to bring in some kid as a sidekick. Not as Robin, though, but as, from what I can tell, as the Mighty Morphin’ Yellow Bat. Otherwise, it’s all basically set up for the new creative team, with no hints of nay bigger threat yet (unless Calendar Man turns out to be the big bad)

STATUS: Interesting, but feels just a bit same-y



In essentially DC INIVERSE REBIRTH: the Deleted Scenes, Barry has visions of events (Are they of the past or the future? I have no idea) from his life while investigating a murder that’s eerily similar to his mother’s murder t the hands of retcons Professor Zoom. Then, after a CW approved talk with his old man, he meet’s pre2011 Wally and they agree to investigate the massive retconning that’s going on. This is possibly the most heart-warming of the Rebirth books, and definitely has me pumped for what happens next.

STATUS: Excited



Here’s the start (or restart) of the Ollie/Dinah relationship. There’s some other stuff about mole people kidnapping the homeless and masked one-percent dudes bidding to own them, but the main thrust is Ollie and Dinah meeting, arguing and parking their attraction to each other. It’s good, but not anything that can be labeled “must read”.


STATUS: Good, Not Great



Already went over it on in its review.

STATUS: Excited


This is, hands down, is the best of the Rebirth books so far. I’m not going to go into it all since I will be reviewing it in depth later. So go read it.

STATUS: Must Read

And that’s all I got for now, people.  I didn’t pick up Aquaman or Detective Comics, since money’s tight and I have other books I want to pick up. See you next time.


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