The Jordan Levells Way Of Writing a Blog Post


Hey, kids! Since I’ve given you nothing for about a week or so, I decided that I should give you a little insight my writing process. It’s How The Sausage Is Made: Obsessive Geek Blog Edition!

  1. Think up an idea for a post.
  2. Open Word to write post
  3. Get about halfway through the first paragraph before you decide the idea is garbage.
  4. Troll YouTube and forget about post for hours.
  5. Go to work/look for better job, ignoring the post even more.
  6. Get really obsessed over a certain topic and read other people’s articles and post about it ad nauseum.
  7. Realize it’s been three days since you last wrote anything.
  8. Marathon YouTube videos while making empty promises to yourself that you’ll get back to the post later.
  9. Actually get back to the post, start writing.
  10. Change the post to something big and topical news/political event.
  11. Come to the revelation that you’re severely underqualified to comment on said news/political event.
  12. Back to Youtube.
  13. Read comic books.
  14. Fall into deep depression and wonder whether to chuck the whole blogging thing into the bin.
  15. Remember you just started up this ne blog for a fresh start/not have Russian spam sites beefing up your blog views.
  16. Avoid post like the plague more and more.
  17. Wake up one morning and realize you have nothing to give your loyal audience.
  18. Desperately try writing the post again before deleting it entirely.
  19. Try to placate them with a list post that’s at least slightly humourous.
  20. Add superfluous/”random” thought to end to seem funny/ get the list to a nice even number.

And that’s all! See you all when I actually have something.


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