Please Support Pop Arena

Okay, this is gonna be a quick one since I don’t have much to say other than “support this guy, I like his work”. Like my of you, I consume a lot of reviews on YouTube. One of personal favorites is a channel called Pop Arena, run by a guy named Greg. He does Animorphs reviews (both the TV series and the 50+ volume book series have been completed by him) Doctor Who novel reviews, and a bunch of other stuff, usually on request. He’s recently taken the bold step of reviewing full-time, which I find pretty admirable…and a little crazy, but admirable none the less. So in order to help this guy out in my own miniscule way, I’m going to leave a link to his channel and links to three of my favorite videos that he’s done. Let’s help this guy out and help him avoid homelessness, alright?

The YouTube Channel itself

Cybersix: A Series Review

Breaking Spines #3: Croyd by Ian Wallace

Crossing the Wilderness, A Doctor Who Book Guide| Timewyrm: Exodus by Terrence Dicks


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