Halloween Countdown #8: Horror in the Time of Mile-Long Scarves

There is a class of villain who can exude menace and evil from their every pore, making them threats to all mankind and compelling adversaries. There are some whose cunning and guile make them endlessly entertaining to watch, and in some cases, make you secretly root for them*. And there are others to whom a detailed and sympathetic back story is etched into their being, making their actions more understandable to the jaded, modern consumer. Each of these aspects of evil has their place, but today we speak of another kind of wicked…



“When it is learned that I, Morbius, have been featured on this Halloween Countdown, its followers shall rise in the millions!”

…the kind that’s hammy in the extreme and looks goofier than Bruce Campbell wearing a Goofy costume.




Pictured: Elisabeth Sladen with the sixth dumbest-looking monster in a good Doctor Who story.

Look, I love a well nuanced and cunning villain as much as the next guy, but sometimes ya just gotta go for a living brain in a jar that screams every single line of dialogue it’s given. For as much as the writing, principal actors, guest characters and the addition of the Sisterhood of Karn to the Doctor Who mythos work for this story, Michael Spice’s over the top performance as Morbius, even as a brain in a jar, is really one of the main selling points for me. Well, that and the psychic wrestling match.



Morbius vs The Doctor, only on Pay-Per-View!

 *I don’t think I’ve ever cheered for the bad guy personally, but I love certain villains all the same.

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