Halloween Countdown #10: Angels in the Flames

As we enter our second week of the Halloween Countdown (and the first time in forever I’ve been able to keep to a post-a-day schedule) I’d like to share with you an image that has stayed with me ever since the heady days of 1995.

Angles in the Flames.png

When being a pyromaniac in a gimp suit isn’t creepy enough.

The picture above is from Detective Comics #690, which has the distinction of:

A. Being the comic that was just before Lady Spellbinder came to stink up the place for two issues.

B. Possibly the first comic your humble blogger ever read.

Angels in Flames 2.png

Now, I’ve always cited Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) Vol. 1 as starting my comic book fandom, and in that, I have been honest. But I’ve never given any credit to Detective Comics 690-691, which were my first introductions to the four-color page.

Looking back, I can see why. I like DC 690, but it can’t shake the fact that it’s a fairly bland filler issue existing to prop up Firefly as a credible minor arch-nemesis. 691, mean while, is pure hot garbage, but that’s a tale for another time.

But still, the “sultry women made of fire” image has stayed with me. It’s one of the few beats of creativity (though not by that much) of a story that’s the equivalent of dry toast. For that, I’m still a little nostalgic for it.



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