Halloween Countdown #14: The Devil I Know

Okay, so the last post I mad just barely related to this season to be spooky. Okay, let’s fix that today by talking about the father of all scares: Satan!



The Devil as portrayed someone’s greasy uncle out clubbing.


Specifically the Satan that appears in Constantine, the Keanu Reeves where he plays a character whose only similarity to the comic John Constantine is a love of cigarettes. That piece of cinema from the halcyon days of 2005, when Christopher Nolan’s version of Batman was universally accepted and Shia LaBeouf wasn’t completely insane or desperately vying for attention.

While I can’t say with say that Peter Stormare’s portrait of the prince of darkness is the best take on it I’ve ever seen, it’s certainly one of the most memorable. Maybe it’s because the film itself is rather boilerplate, but his sleazy, playful and highly sexual take on Old Scratch is just kind of hypnotic. Sure, he has almost jack-all to do with Vertigo’s Lucifer, but damn it, does Stormare just owns all of the screen time he’s given.  If you ever find yourself with a lazy afternoon and nothing else is good on, I’d recommend watching the last fifteen minutes of this movie simply to witness his performance.

P.S. I thought Constantine was alright. Nothing Earth-shattering or great, but the perfect example of a movie you put on the TV as background noise.




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