Halloween Countdown #22: My First Horror Movie

Army of Darkness was probably the first “scary” movie I ever sat through.

Army Of Darkness.png


That’s not to say I never saw bit and pieces throughout my childhood. I remember seeing pieces of Tales from the Hood on cable and I grew up with the original Ghostbusters on VHS. And I’m pretty sure I sat through The Faculty at one point, but I remember being less scared and more aroused by that movie (if you’ve seen the movie, you know what I’m talking about). But Army of Darkness is what I consider my first.


Terror beyond compare!

Now I know what you’re thinking; “Jordan, Army of Darkness isn’t all that scary!” Well, you’re right. I still count it though. The reasons are twofold:

  1. It led me to watching Evil Dead II, which is one of my favorite scary movies ever.
  2. It was probably was the first sorta mainstream movie I ever saw that included “scary” imagery (i.e. zombies, hags, walking skeletons, possessed people, ect)
  3. It’s way better than The Faculty.

So, nah nah nanah nah.


Fright beyond imagination!

I was probably around fourteen when I first saw it. I was home from North Junior High (it went through freshman year back in the day, making it the teenage me’s halfway point between St. Anthony’s and MFHS). I was avoiding my homework when, checking for something to watch, I saw Army of Darkness playing on HBO or something. I’d heard about the film, but never had actually seen the thing, so I decided see what it was like, and I was transfixed throughout the movie’s entire run time. The movie’s comedy, action, and horror elements all blended together to make one of the most entertaining movies I’d ever seen. I still have a deep affection for it, even though I haven’t watched it in full for at least five years.

(Though I plan on fixing that.)

So yeah, Army of Darkness is my first scary movie. Come at me.


Oh, the horr…wait, this is actually a little creepy.





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