Halloween Countdown #24: Chick Track

So, Jack Chick is dead.

I never knew or met Jack Chick, nor was I a big fan of his work, ironically or otherwise. I had no opinion of the man for the longest time until a few days ago.


F#%^ off, lady.

I recently read the “Happy Halloween!” Chick Tract while looking for material for the Halloween Countdown, thinking I might get a few chuckles from it. The plot involved a small child being damned to hell for not going to Sunday school and  falling in with the “wrong crowd”. This pissed me off to no end, especially since I’m a Catholic who has never had any time for the kind of repressive, paranoid and downright cruel type of faith that’s often espoused by Chick and his ilk.

And now, Chick’s dead. I cannot say I will weep for the man, but I will not wish him to end up in hell or any of his family and friends any ill will. He was a symptom of a larger rot that can get inside you when it comes to faith; a combination of  paranoia and superiority complex that can infect the soul. To all my readers, faithful or non-faithful, please remember: do not forget that this darkness is out there, lurking in your own heart. Recognize it, and fight against.


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