Halloween Countdown #25: Fanboy Wonder

I was gonna save this for the last day of the Halloween Countdown, but I’m stuck for  what to post today. As such, let me give  you a photo from nearly two decades ago.


That’s yours truly as Robin on the right and my father as Lou Farrakhan Alfred. I posted this picture last year as well, during my old blog’s Halloween week countdown. While I am posting this as a bit of easy filler, I do have another reason.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had a love for Robin. Mostly because when I was a young ‘un I could self project my as the sidekick of the greatest superhero ever, but it was a little more than that, I think. I have a thing for the unappreciated or underappreciated of certain franchises. And when I was growing up, people seemed to (and still do, in some way) want to distance the larger Bat franchise from anyone and anything that didn’t fit the narrow “grim and gritty” view of the World’s Greatest Detective. As such, Robin (especially the Dick Grayson version) always seems to get opted out or shafted, particularly when going for media outside of comic books.

I’m sure I’ve got a long rant on Robin in me, but as of right now I don’t have the patience or desire to write one right now. One of these days I will, but for now, I fine with knowing that I love the character and almost everyone who’ve worn his red and green tights.





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