Halloween Countdown #27: Sympathy for The Devil

Sometimes you sit back, wondering what the hell you’re going to do for a post one day. You’ve spent the time either procrastinating or asleep, and you consider just jettisoning the day altogether since you have work soon and you don’t get off until 10:oo pm. Then, you stumble upon a webcomic about Jack Chick….


Damn! That’s harsh, dude.

…and it all comes together.


Look, I have no sympathy for the opinions of Jack Chick or any of his fearmongering ilk. But going so far as to wish ol’ Chicky poo to the fires of hell just feels a bit on the incredibly harsh side. Though, judging from  the description at the bottom of the picture, the author has some serious bad history with the kind of fundamentalist mania the Chicks, Phelps’ and many others fanned the flames of. Whatever helps you deal, I guess.



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