Halloween Countdown #30: Fangin’ and Bangin’

The Milwaukee Comic Con isn’t really a con in the traditional sense. It’s essentially a large flee market, held at the American Serb Hall, a banquet hall/bowling alley on Oklahoma Ave. in Milwaukee. There you’ll find near every geeky thing you can think of: prints, metal prints, local artist’s comics, buttons, key chains, old toys. new toys or slight jacked up prices, and of course, back issues. Ya don’t get many of the “10 bucks per autograph” set, until this year…


The picture above is of Gangrel, former WWE superstar and current porn director. I saw this guy along with Kevin Thorn. It was more surprising than anything else; neither man was a huge name, but I figured that Milwaukee Comic Con wouldn’t even get guys like that. I flirted with getting an autograph from the pal of Edge and Christian, but I couldn’t justify the purchase. But man, the guy still has a great look.



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