It’s A Brand New Day And I’m Pissed Off

I couldn’t sleep when the news was announced. I wasn’t angry or  extremely nervous or anything like that; I was simply depressed. Why him? I thought, as I surfed the web for anything to get my mind off the horrifying state of my beloved home country. I read no news articles, avoided my cellphone’s news updates like the plague and didn’t watch any of the major twenty four hour news stations. I just kept going through YouTube and the like and wondered what could take my mind off this terrible mess.

Wednesday I was off of work,  so I lounged around the house in my pajamas, for the most part. When I did eventually shower and change, I decided to get a haircut and shave at Sheila’s Clippers in Milwaukee. By the time I got there, about 4:30 or so, it was closed, so I decided to head out and  buy some comics  from Collector’s Edge on Burleigh. I went there, wanting simply to pick up  four comics, and as I was about to leave with my purchases, I overheard a conversation about the production troubles of Deadpool 2. I decided to get in on the conversation for a bit. I was for well over an hour.

In a way it was cathartic. I and two white gentlemen simply bandied on about the live action portrayals and adaptations of comic book superheroes, bitching about the insanity Gotham and the screw ups of the Berlanti-verse, all while someone’s son sat quietly on a couch, trying to read the latest issues of the Simpsons and the Batman/TMNT Adventures #1. Stereotypical geek crap, really; inconsequential in the long run, but it was something I needed just to clear my head from gray haze.

I went back home, still somewhat avoiding the terrible news but now I felt as though I could handle it a bit more without screaming profanities at the TV. I was on Facebook, looking things up when I saw that there were now not only protests of Trump’s victory, but people asking why we, those who supported Hilary Clinton, were so upset. In response, I went to Facebook and wrote the following:

Alright, a few question to anyone who voted for Trump:

What do you think we’re all upset about? Do you believe we’re just mad because “our” candidate didn’t win? That this was all simply a contest for who’s favorite party would get the gold?

Because let me tell you, it’s not.

The reason people are out protesting today and will most likely be protesting during his inauguration is not because we lost. We’re mad as hell because Trump has done everything in his power to present himself as the world’s worst con artist at best or a bullying, sociopathic goon at worst in order to win votes.

We’re mad as hell because now, we’ve told the world it doesn’t matter how you act in our beloved nation; you can be the worst asshole on Earth and millions of Americans will flock to your banner.

We’re mad as hell because yes, Obamacare is most likely going to be repealed, meaning a lot of people (including me) are going to see their meds go way up in price.

We’re mad as hell because Mike Pence is now most likely going to make it very hard to be a gay person in this country.

We’re mad as hell because for all the talk of respecting women, a man with seemingly no filter or personal shame when it comes to the fairer sex had a good portion of the country backing him.

We’re mad as hell because for all the talk of God and peace and unity, the campaign run by Trump was one of hatred, fear and empty platitudes.

We’re mad as hell because a man who has called Mexicans rapists, insulted every one of his opponents, proposed a ban on Muslims, has been accused of sexual assault by ten people at the very least, threated to lock his political opponent up despite said opponent being cleared of legal wrongdoing by the FBI, and showed no signs of being close to fit to command an army, much less have access to nuclear launch codes, was able to lie, bully and BS his way to the most powerful office in the land.

And we’re mad as hell because for all the progress we’ve strived for, many of our friends and neighbors decided to support a man who will more than likely roll back a lot of those changes, and will do so under the banner of “making America great again”.

That’s where all this is coming from. And we’re not going to be silent about it.

I have never been much of an open political animal. But with the rise of Trump, and the attendant racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and straight up moral cowardice that has busted loose in that rough beast’s wake, I feel I can be silent no longer. I do not know yet how I will do this, but I know now I must. As a black man, history teaches you that if you don’t fight for what you want, you’ll never get what you want and the world will simply beat you down. So I’m going to fight, in one form or another. I hope you will too.





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