Twelve Days of OGBmas: The Impossible Christmas List

Ah, toys. who hasn’t at one point in life played with or dreamed of playing with the hottest things on shelves? No one with regular access to the internet, I bet. Even now, when I probably should have outgrown them, I still have an affection for action figures, model kits and other plastic playthings. So let’s go down a list of items that, unless you’ve got relatives that are Bruce Wayne rich and really feel like spoiling you, you’d never actually receive. Welcome to The Impossible Christmas List!

First up, let’s go with something recent: Play Arts Kai Cloud Strife

cloudpakI’ve never played Final Fantasy VII, mostly because mine was a Nintendo household until I got my PS3 in 2012. But I understand its importance to a lot of people and why, twenty years after it’s release, it’s getting a remake (Release Date: TBA). But there is no way in hell you’re getting this thing, based off Cloud’s design for said remake. Even if you did, the thing wouldn’t be in your hands until June.

Price: $149.99 (Big Bad Toy Store)

Next, let’s go to something relatively more known: Iron Man and Captain America


Specifically, the S.H. Figuarts Captain America/Iron Man Two-Pack. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a license to print money at this point, and there are literally hundreds of thousands of kids and unrepentant nerds who’d love these high-end action figures. Sadly, they’re priced at the “this is for only the most hardcore/insane fanboys who don’t care about the expense” range, so I’d say never ask for this.

Price: $199.99


   Now, let’s say you’re a humongous fan of the Transformers. You’ve been collecting them since the ’80’s, and have a love for the G1 cast most of all. Even you might be taken aback by the price of the MAS-01 Optimus Prime 18-Inch Action Figure. While it’s not art of the Transformers Masterpiece series, it certainly matches up with the usual price point of those figures.

Speaking of, the Masterpiece line has its own expensive as hell noble leader of the Autobots. While it’s less expensive than the MAS-01 and gives you more bang for you buck with all the accessories it comes with, I dare anyone to actually ask somebody to get it for them.

MAS-01 Price: $179.99    Masterpiece Price: $159.99

batman-hot-toysAnd we shall end this installment on the dark knight, that jolliest of crazed, uber-rich vigilantes. The set you see here is the Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Batman Armory set. It comes with the Batsuit, Bruce, Alfred, an assortment of hands and the various gadgets the Batman used in Nolan’s trilogy. It is also one of the most expensive things I’ve ever seen in the action figure market, either online or in stores. If you ever find yourself asking for this for a Christmas, simply smack yourself in the face and apologize to your loved ones.

Price: $574.99 

And that’ll do for the Impossible Christmas List! for now. See you all later with…something else I assure you.


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