Twelve Days of OGBmas: Here We Come A Wrasslin’

Hey, do you remember that time Miz was WWE Champion?


It was AAAAAAAAAaalright

Well I do, because he became champ around the same time I started watching wrestling on a regular basis. And  I have always remembered one segment on Raw back when he was holding the most prestigious title in wrestling sports entertainment.

It all started innocently enough. The Miz was coming out on the Raw after TLC 2010 to address the masses. He was working the crowd getting some decent heel heat, when….


Urge to watch, falling….

The image you see above is Alex Riley, Michael Mizanin’s then sidekick. He came out calling himself the Ghost of Christmas Past (despite being dressed as Jacob Marley), and went on to castigate Miz over his actions three weeks earlier, during his first title defense. You see, The Miz used his belt to knock down Jerry The King Lawler, a wrestling legend and then sixty-one year old man, for the title. Yes, they had Miz go up against a guy old enough to be his father during his first ever title defense. As you can see, WWE had some incredible faith in the guy.

But after the clip and Miz smugly bragging about his victory over a guy eligible for AARP membership, Michael Cole comes out.

Mismas Carol 1.png


He’s the ghost of Christmas Present (one who dresses like Scrooge, to further compound the costume/character discrepancy) and proceeds to be one of the most annoying things in early ’10s WWE. Had it all ended there, this opening segment would have been annoying,but bearable.

And then….

Mizmas Carol 3.png

….And we’ve hit rock bottom. How did I keep watching WWE back then?

Look, during Miz’s title win, a camera cut to a little kid looking incredibly pissed about it. The image became a meme, and WWE creative got wind of it, and decided to rip off Conan O’Brien’s Clutch Cargo bits.It all ends with the Miz doing his catchphrase of “I’m AAAAAAAAAAwesome!” and it’s done.

Watching this again, after all the years ans seeing the Miz evolve his character, I can only say WWE should be glad they don’t have any serious competition anymore. Watch it here if you feel like annoying yourself.


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