Twelve Days of OGBmas: Blow Your Mind

This Christmas season, give yourself one of the greatest gifts of all….



Nothing says the Happy Holidays like a Roaring Rampage of Revenge!


…a viewing of Death Promise.

No, seriously. Watch this movie right now. Even unriffed, it is a thing of cheap beauty; an exploitation film trying to tick all the boxes of what was popular in the drive-in during those long ago lost years of the mid to late ’70s,  and doing so without even the slightest hint that they know a thing about filmmaking. That the action scenes are halfway competent and the actors  do the best job they can (which isn’t saying much) really give this thing a king of charm. Yes, I know it has a Rifftrax (which I will be getting soon) but please see this unriffed first. As the theme songs goes, it’s gonna blow your mind.

P.S. Does anyone know who did the poster? It looks like Neal Adams drew it.


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