Twelve Days of OGBmas: Last Minute Action

And now, in my quest to give you content for before the holidays really take up my attention, I’d like t give my dear fans (all 1/2 of you) a little gift: a list of possible things you could get the action junkie in your life. To make is easy, I’ll limit it to films you can more than likely find in a Best Buy or Wal-Mart. So enough of this introductory jibber jabber, let’s get crackin’.

the-raid      First, let’s start with something familiar. You remember my review of The Raid 2? If you do, you hopefully bought and bought copies for at least three friends. If not, thin about getting them The Raid: Redemption (aka The Raid: Subtitle That Makes No Sense). If you’ve got people who crave a little more hard-hitting brutality in their action films, look no further than this Gareth Evans masterpiece. Plus, it stars the guys from Kanjiclub for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Find it, buy it, and bug J.J. Abrams to give Evans as much money as he needs to make The Raids 3 and any other movie Evans wants to make for the rest of his life.


If you can’t find that, Dredd Dredd.pngshould work as a damn good stocking stuffer. It has a similar set up to The Raid (i.e. cops trapped in a slum where practically everyone is trying to kill them), but it does enough different (and the films produced so close to each other)that I don’t have to call it a ripoff. The action is vibrant and memorable , and the characters are actually stronger than its Indonesian cousin. Karl Urban is the perfect Judge Dredd throughout, Olivia Thirlby is a compelling rookie Judge Anderson, and Lean Headey is perfectly vicious as Ma-Ma. Pick this up now and rage against the fact that we’re probably never getting a Dredd 2.

Way of the Dragon.jpgAKA, The One Where Bruce Lee Kills Chuck Norris. Really, you could more than likely get any movie starring the Dragon and you’d make the action junkie in you life happy, but I’m recommending The Way of the Dragon because it’s the only one I’ve seen in full. Written and directed by Lee, the entire film sometimes feels like it’s an excuse for Bruce and his entourage to vacation in Rome for a week or two. But the story is halfway solid and the action, when it gets going, is….oh come on, it’s Bruce Lee for God’s sake! Of course you’d love to see it! Plus, it has Lee killing Chuck Norris. Who doesn’t want to see that?

Okay, I promise, no more o the list post for OGBmas. Unless I get really busy.


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