Twelve Days of OGBmas: Christmas at Ground Zero

So here I was, trying to figure out the what to post for this day of OGBmas, when I remembered this little gem from our soon-to-be POTUS, the Narcissistic Orange:


Trump Nukes.png

Revealing that he is Satan himself would be less frightening

Ah, a  call for nuclear proliferation. Nothing says Christmas cheer like a future leader of your country doesn’t understand that the planet’s got enough of the damn things to kill the human race several times over.


Throughout this season, I’ve tried to let the whole mess that is American politics in 2016 not get me down too much. Now, I’m coming more and more to the conclusion that save for Fearless Dumbass getting impeached, we’re not going to see Christmas 2017, let alone survive to 2020.

But, not to leave thing on a completely negative note, I give to you some words of comfort from the great Tom Lehrer.


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